Green space sell off and commercialisation contained in Council’s Open Space Strategy – have your say by 7 Jan 2020

Buried in the detail of Bromley Council’s Open Space Strategy there are some initiatives that may be of concern/interest to local people. These include:

Page 5 has an infographic with small writing that refers to a “10% increase in income (complimentary and sustainable commercial activities)”;  a “1% reduction in grounds maintenance costs” and unfortunately only a “10% increase in Open Space Portfolio land managed for the benefit of biodiversity and ecology”  (hopefully not achieved by reducing the overall portfolio).

Page 12 refers to the “Need to increase residential provision through development and balance this with open space provision”.

Page 24 has a landscape table with an action column that refers to the  possible sale of open spaces: “Identify open spaces that require alteration, investment reassignment(including development or disposal)”.  It also lists Identify optimal portfolio” model as an action suggesting that the existing open space portfolio is not optimal and subject to change.

Bromley Council are consulting on how its parks and open spaces are looked after in future years.  Local people are invited to feed into the Councils Open Space Strategy by 7 January 2021.  We encourage local people to read the draft strategy in detail before completing the simple feedback survey.

Our Association and our Beckenham Green Friends group will be responding to the consultation and we are interested in your views, please email us at Please see links below for further information.


3 thoughts on “Green space sell off and commercialisation contained in Council’s Open Space Strategy – have your say by 7 Jan 2020

  1. Have filled in the form but not noticed the change of land use. Feel totally conned. Who do I write to to complain to?

  2. There needs to be an increase in green spaces as shown by how busy parks have been during lockdowns . Their maintenance needs to be increased and more bins and litter collection .

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