Our feedback on the Bromley Councils Draft Open Space Strategy

Bromley Council are consulting on their Open Space Strategy which looks at how parks and open spaces are looked after in future years.   You can read our response here and the draft strategy document here.

Following concern from local people that the strategy documents referred to ‘disposal’, ‘ repurposing’ and stating “Being brave enough to recognise when open space should be repurposed”,  the Portfolio holder issued this press release advising ‘Parks are not for sale’ – this clarification is most welcome and we hope it covers all our cherished open spaces (not just parks).

The consultation period on the draft strategy ended on 7 January, but local people may still feedback to ward Councillors.

We are interested in your views, please email us at hello@coperscope.org.uk

Please see links below for further information.

One thought on “Our feedback on the Bromley Councils Draft Open Space Strategy

  1. Disappointing that CCARA have made no mention of promoting our rich local heritage in the response to Bromley’s Council’s Open Spaces strategy as our parks offer opportunities to bring local history and culture to life. Feedback I have sent in has been ignored, a celebration of over 2000 years of Beckenham history is long overdue and our parks are an ideal forum.

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