Beckenham Town Centre Working Group Meeting 15 March 2012

The Beckenham Town Working Group (set up by the Council to identify potential improvements for the town) on which the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association sits  met on Thursday 15th March, the following points were raised:
  • The Council advised that £50,000 could be allocated to bring in design consultants to assess and propose regeneration ideas for the High Street. 
  • Funds have also been allocated to look at what can be done to improve the road network in the town centre.
  • Considerations include increasing the width of pedestrian crossings, raising the height of the curbs,  creating a level surface for pedestrians crossing and a hump for vehicles to calm traffic in the high street.
  • The possibility of the Council renting empty Beckenham High Street properties to, for example, have computers available for public use was discussed.
  • A request for parking bays in the side roads off the High Street, to be marked out to prevent a single vehicle taking the space for two was tabled.
  • Sainsbury’s are to be approached to discuss the standard  and payment alternatives for the Village Way car park .
  • A preference for peak parking restrictions to be changed so that they end at the same time was proposed.
  • Bromley Council could install vinyl shop fronts on vacant shop premises, however the landlord’s permission is needed.
  • After a brief discussion regarding re-branding Beckenham from a Town as a Village, it was agreed there was a need to find local opinion. Have your vote on our poll.
  •  CCARA to hold a poll through its media.
  • Recommendation approved at the meeting for strong control of approval of solid shutters on High Street premises.
  • Heritage & Conservation: It was suggested that as well as linking the two heritage areas from St George’s to the Old Police Station and round to Kelsey Square and The Three Tuns (Zizzi’s), this should be extended to the War Memorial and the Odeon. Also, the heritage lighting and bin style in use around St George’s Green should be extended throughout the whole High Street area.
  • A report is to be made on The Beckenham Heritage Trail booklet being updated and brought back into print. A permanent Heritage Trail delineated by plaques was proposed. Also the idea of a site for a heritage museum is to be explored.
  • Heritage Lottery bids are to be considered for funding heritage/conservation upgrading.
  • Stables Green  – if the Village Green application is accepted before 4th April it would override London Quadrant’s permission for development on R/O 86-94 High Street (a local residents’ group put an application to turn the land into a village green and stop development on the land).

2 thoughts on “Beckenham Town Centre Working Group Meeting 15 March 2012

  1. I would of thought that more residents in the proposed development would boost retail sales far more than a village green??

  2. Trying to run a business in Beckenham High Street is an expensive proposition with high rates and overheads. Beckenham needs to attract top end retailers that can afford the costs and benfit the centre.
    A quality village theme exploiting the village atmosphere particulalrly between the Green and Village Way is the best way to get new enterprises to invest.

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