R/O 86-94 High Street – Appeal Hearing 24 May

Developers of a three story block of flats at the rear of 86-94 High Street (behind Pierluigis Restaurant) lodged an appeal against Bromley Councils non-determination of their planning application. The Planning Inspectorate will decide whether or not the planning application should be permitted. Bromley Council will contest the appeal. The date for the hearing has been set for 24 May 2012.

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2 thoughts on “R/O 86-94 High Street – Appeal Hearing 24 May

  1. It is possible that planning application will not go ahead after May 24 depending on the outcome of the appeal. Also some residents have lodged an application to turn the land in to a Village Green, if this is approved by 4th April it will override the existing permission for development on the land, in which case we understand no development will go ahead.

  2. In your previous report, you said “Undoubtedly, some residents will take the view that no development should be permitted on the site but we need to understand that there is an extant appeal consent so there is little doubt that development of some kind will take place and in these circumstances changes to create a more open appearance might be considered the lesser of two evils.”
    After May 24th, is it possible that no development will be permitted on the site?

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