3 Beckenham Rd Site Refused Planning Consent

Penge and Cator Councillors

Planning consent was refused last night for an extension to the Barclays Bank building just before you get to the Beckenham roundabout. The proposal for a four storey building to provide 8 two bedroom apartments was rejected on the grounds of lack of privacy to neighouring properties. The bank will remain operational.

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One thought on “3 Beckenham Rd Site Refused Planning Consent

  1. It would have been nice if LBB could enter into a dialogue with Barclays suggesting they move part of their banking operation into the disused shop on the corner of the roundabout which might enable them to make economic sense of the site to a height of just three levels to a design (and title) in keeping with the listed status of the area (war memorial and cinema). I s Bromley LBB allowed to be pro-active?

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