Beckenham Bid for TfL Funds for Town Centre Improvements

Many of you would have read our updates from the Beckenham Town Centre Working Group established by the council to identify improvements for the town. The working group worked closely with the Council and their appointed design consultants (East) in creating a formal bid for funds from Transport for London’s (TfL) Local Implementation Plan Major Schemes programme.

The bid has now been set to TfL and we hope hear whether our bid has passed stage 1 some time in November 2012.

How does the bid process work

Beckenham will be in competition with bids from other London boroughs.  Bromley Council invested £50K on design consultants East, a polished and innovative bid should beat the competition.

If we pass the first stage TfL will provide funds to investigate the design concepts further.  The second stage, is the official TfL funding assessment process where we hope secure up to £1.68 million. This will be matched by Bromley Council giving a total of some £2.5 million for Beckenham Town Centre public realm improvements.

You can view the design proposal submitted to TfL below.  This is only a proposal, a concept. Materials, fixtures, designs, layout etc have not been finalised. Should the first stage bid be sucessful any changes to road layout, bus stop locations, widening of pavements, street furniture etc will undergo thorough investigation by the Council and the working group.

Design Concept for Beckenham Town Centre Improvements

In the short term Bromley Council have allocated £250K for interim improvements, the working group meet next week to discuss how this should be spent.

Please let your association know of any feedback you have so we can represent it at the working group. The working group allows all residents to be part of the consultation process.

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