Heritage Tree on The Avenue gets Tree Protection Order

Our Association was delighted to assist residents on The Avenue in protecting a  beautiful 200 year old London Plane Tree that is under threat from felling.  Along with the support of local Cllrs (especially Cllr Wells) and many residents  a temporary Tree Protection Order was obtained from the Council in less than 36 hours (thank you Bromley Council for such speed).  The tree is not saved yet,  but now an official planning process must be gone through to ensure the felling of the tree is appropriate and necessary.   We will keep you updated.

The Council has also agreed to review other trees in the area to see if any others should have protection.

This is welcome news, our Association supports conserving our heritage trees where ever possible. They are an asset to Beckenham and it would be a travesty for any to be felled if it were avoidable.

If you are aware of any heritage trees in your road please let us know and we will advise the Council.

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