Beckenham Town Centre Improvements March/April 2014

The Beckenham Town Centre Team (TCT*) have presented the following list of suggested improvements to the Council led Working Group for the public realm improvements:

  • Beckenham Green – Beckenham Green is a community meeting place akin to a European Town Square, recent events on The Green have been successful in creating community spirit and increased footfall on the High Street. The funding for the following amenities to be considered: Stage cover; water tap; storage shed; new refuse and dog litter bins to be placed considerately for events on the Green.
  • Town Clocks – The cost of repairing the clocks has been obtained –  request funding be allocated so the work can be undertaken this summer?
  • Barclays Bank Planter – Barclays have indicated they will remove the planter, suggest this space be utilised as a community space (perhaps a sculpture?)
  • Bus Shelters – location and style of bus shelters to be reviewed to maximise pedestrian space. The bus shelter outside Wimpy is set back from the kerb creating a bottleneck for pedestrians. The bus shelter outside Em & Lou’s (previously Raggios) could be moved along a few metres toward Marks and Spencer where the pavement is much wider. Request TfL consider different styles of shelter
  • Improvement to High Street alleyways – request funds be allocated to clean, light, resurface, name and sign all the access ways to the High Street (including behind Sainsbury’s) The TCT are researching a list of potential names for each alleyway.
  • Heritage water pump – The pump outside Haks Barbers to be restored.
  • Trees – More trees to be planted throughout the Town Centre.
  • War Memorial – Clean up, remove surrounding wall and landscape the roundabout to include at least one bench. Options for a direct crossing to the War Memorial should be investigated.
  • Step-free-access to shops – 60% of shops in Town Centre currently are not step free, improvements should include making access to shops level wherever possible.

At the last meeting of the Working Group it was agreed to formally take forward:

  • Beckenham Green stage cover
  • Beckenham Green storage unit
  • Beckenham Green water tap/utilities
  • Beckenham Green replacement bins and dog litter bins
  • Refurbishment of the heritage water pump outside Haks Barbers
  • Repair of the town centre clocks
  • Naming of the alleyways

It was noted that the following proposals from the TCT will be captured as part of the overall major scheme design:

  • Location and style of bus shelters
  • Trees
  • War Memorial
  • Consideration for step free access to shops.

It was noted that there were not enough funds to improve all the alleyways to the High Street, the Council Officers have identified the following as a priority:

  • The Mews
  • Covered entrance to Lidl
  • Pedestrian entrance to Sainsbury’s
  • Burrell Row alley
  • Pedestrian alley to cinema car park

CCARA requested the designers look on the areas outside Barclays Bank, the Post Office, the Odeon car park exit on Rectory Road and the War Memorial as a significant focal point for improvements. This was agreed and the Council will ask the designers to work up some options for this gateway into the town centre.

If you have seen anything in other town centres you think would work well in Beckenham (for example materials, street furniture, landscaping, street art, etc) please send us a picture and we will pass them on to the designers. It would be great to get a mood board of ideas from local people.

The TCT are working on a list of potential names for all the alleyways which we will share for comment before it has been finalised.

Times Scales

  • The £14k project to declutter the High Street of unnecessary street furniture and signage has been commissioned and will be taking place over the coming months.
  • The redesign of the junction at Rectory Road, Albemarle Road and the High Street is due to take place in June/July 2014.
  • The survey work and traffic modelling for the major scheme improvements should be finalised by July, the design work by September, the formal consultation on the final design should be in October/November 2014 and the scheme signed off in December/January. Work on the major improvements will not start until 2015.

To find out more about the scheme come along the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association’s Market On The Green when the Council and designers will be showcasing the project in an exhibition bus.  The dates for the Markets are Saturdays 10 May, 12 July and 20 Sep 2014.


*The TCT is chaired by the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association and has representatives from the Beckenham Business Association, Beckenham Rotary Club, Beckenham Town Centre Manager, Bromley Cyclists, Bromley Road School, Bromley Mobility Forum, Churches Together, , Central Beckenham Residents’ Association Copers Cope Ward Police, Friends of Kelsey Park, The Beckenham Society, Waitrose Beckenham and the West Beckenham Residents’ Association.




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