Consultation: Conservation Area for Beckenham Town Centre

At the Council run Beckenham Town Centre Working Group that the Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association attends with other local community organisations it was agreed to progress the idea of creating a conservation area running the length of the whole Town Centre.  Currently there is a small conservation area at Kelsey Square and a larger one covering St George’s Church, Beckenham Green and Bromley Road School. By extending the conservation area and linking both existing ones Beckenham will be able to preserve and enhance the High Street buildings and ensure that new shop fronts are in keeping.  Our Association is in support of this proposal that will see, over time, our beautiful Art Deco parade restored to its former glory and the design of shop fronts more sympathetic to the age of the buildings through out out the town.

The Council have now prepared the long awaited proposal to create a Beckenham Town Centre Conservation Area. Local people are encouraged to comment on the proposal.  The deadline for feedback is 24 October 2014. If you would like to comment on this proposal, please download the questionnaire, complete and either email it to or post it to Bromley Council, Room P41, Civic Centre , Stockwell Close BR1 3UH.

Further information about the proposed conservationConservation_area area can be found at the links below:

Beckenham Conservation Area

Beckenham Town Centre Character Assessment


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