Flower Beds at Thorton’s Corner and sale of toilet block

The Copers Cope Area Residents’ Association have successfully registered the flower beds and surrounding land not built upon at Thornton’s Corner as an Asset of Community Value (which means the Council have to offer it to the community before selling it privately).  The main purpose of doing so was to ensure the community was informed if any additional land was sold alongside the toilet block (concerns were raised of corner being redeveloped with a larger footprint than the existing toilet block).

Unfortunately no community groups were able to submit a bid to acquire the toilet block. This is not surprising as it would not cost effective to continue to run the building as a toilet and the cost of repurposing the building would be prohibitive.  The toilet block is now up for sale (it does not include any additional land), the particulars can be found below. Hopefully the new purpose of the building will enhance the High Street.

If no buyer is found the building will be demolished, we will ensure to engage with the council if demolition will occur to see if the building can be utilised or influence what will go in its place to enhance Thornton’s Corner




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