Beckenham Improvements Work update 01 May 2017

Improvement Works Update, Monday 1st May  courtesy of F M Conway, contractor for the works:

Work for week commencing the 1st May

  • Work continues on both the corners of Bromley Road junction with the High Street and outside 47-71 High Street. The tree trial pits outside 41-71 will be filled until planting in the autumn.
  • External contractors will remove the two trees outside 47-71 High Street.

Note: Our Association contacted the Council this morning for clarification regarding the trees, advice as follows:

The two trees to be removed will be replaced with six trees Elm Trees. If the two trees were not removed there would not be enough space for the six new trees to be planted. The Council tree officer originally suggested the removal of the trees as they are considered to be located too near the buildings. Also if the trees were retained they would end up in the middle of the planned widened footpath .

Previous completed works

  • Paving and new kerbs were continued to be laid on both sides of Bromley Road.
  • Kerb realignment in front of 47 to 71 High Street almost complete.
  • Trial holes for new trees in front of 47 to 71 High Street have been dug and it has been confirmed that 6 trees can be planted.
  • Road resurfacing at the High Street / Albemarle Road / Rectory Road / Southend Road junction completed.
  • New advance notification signs have been erected on lampposts approaching the High Street.


One thought on “Beckenham Improvements Work update 01 May 2017

  1. Is it OK to plant Elm Trees? I thought they are easily diseased

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