Beckenham Improvements work update 8 May 20

Improvement Works update courtesy of F M Conway contractor for the works.

Work for week commencing the 8th May

  • Kerbing and paving on the roadside half of the pavement will be completed on the south side of Bromley Road. The existing tree pits will be surfaced to allow pedestrians to use the front portion of the paving to enable the excavation in front of the shops.
  • Work on the planters on Beckenham Green is underway.
  • Kerb laying will continue around the corner from the High Street to Bromley Road, Church side. To facilitate the works the crossing point will be temporarily moved slightly towards the junction will St Georges Road.
  • Between 47-71 High Street excavation and paving will commence on the pavement area in front of the shops. The completed tree pits, will be temporarily asphalted until tree planting in the autumn.

Previous completed works

  • New signs on the approaches to Beckenham have been installed.
  • Road marking at Beckenham Junction crossroads has been completed.
  • New kerbs have been laid on Bromley Road between the Nat West and the Public Halls and between 47-71 High Street.
  • Trees outside 47-71High Street have been removed.

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