Beckenham Improvements work update 15 May 2017

Improvement Works update courtesy of F M Conway contractor for the works.

Work for weeks commencing the 15th May to the 26th May 2017

  • Kerbing and paving on Bromley Road will be completed.
  • Work on the planters on Beckenham Green will continue.
  • Between 47-71 High Street paving will continue in front of the shops.

 Previous completed works

  • New kerbs and paving have been laid on Bromley Road between the Nat West and the Public Halls and between 47-71 High Street.
  • The trees stumps outside 47-71 High Street have been removed and the tree pits have been sealed over.
  • Labour intensive hand digging excavation around the Beckenham Green Plane trees has been commenced.

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